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Samantha’s Cause - Fighting Hunger

Samantha Kanemy / Fundraise for Hogar

This fundraiser is in support of Hogar Nazareth’s 2023 food budget. Your donation will help ensure that there is enough food on the table each day for all 85 children!

Please note: All donations will be in USD. Furthermore, Canadian donations are not tax refundable, however, please still consider giving generously.
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    Theresa Mattison

    $308.70 / 39 days ago

    Samantha, your cause is a great one! Lots of prayers in meeting your goals! Parnell and Tracie

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    $112.00 / 52 days ago

    Alan Perron

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    Richard Kanemy

    $75.00 / 55 days ago

    Thanks you Adrian Daniels

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    $75.00 / 65 days ago

    Mike Vanberkum

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    Richard Kanemy

    $164.64 / 65 days ago

    From Whitby Pints with Brothers 2023 Charity Fund Champ Bob Leaker

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    Elizabeth Campbell

    $51.45 / 72 days ago

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    $185.22 / 72 days ago

    Teresa B.

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    Jeffrey Jiang

    $102.90 / 75 days ago

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    Robert Weindorfer

    $514.50 / 84 days ago

    To even catch a glimpse of how your heart of service is blessing so many is truly inspiring. May God continue to bless you and those whose lives you touch in such amazing ways.

  • 65e0f2ef167c3a5f93370b0447f68d72? nophoto

    Matthew Urquhart

    $82.32 / 86 days ago

    Samantha, it is incredible the work you are doing to help those in need. You are a true inspiration.

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    $51.45 / 89 days ago

  • 1790c0878db294c83699e9d20fce4d98? nophoto

    Christopher McHale

    $77.18 / 95 days ago

    Thank you for the opportunity to help God's Little Ones

  • 82634d4494f306a21986c9a9ad43ba40? nophoto

    William Huk

    $257.25 / 96 days ago

    This is a special cause and not something a lot of young adults would be so dedicated to help solving. You’re pretty amazing Samatha. Thank you for working to make our world a better place. Merry Christmas, Bill Huk.

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    Matt Kanemy

    $154.35 / 97 days ago

  • 5a453bd65f62d74c6fdbd3b4e61e0af1? nophoto

    Richard Kanemy

    $3,000.00 / 99 days ago

    So thankful for your passion to help others Sammie. Grateful to be able to share God’s blessings with these precious children.

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    Ericka Wright

    $308.70 / 99 days ago

    Keep being amazing!

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    Andrea Limcangco

    $102.90 / 100 days ago

    Proud of all that you’re doing Sammy!

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    Rachel Keah

    $15.44 / 100 days ago

    Thank you for doing this ❤️I hope you can achieve your goal soon❤️❤️

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    Brenda Fernandes

    $102.90 / 101 days ago

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    Zach Kanemy

    $100.00 / 101 days ago

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    Stephanie Paglia

    $102.90 / 101 days ago

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    $75.00 / 101 days ago

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    $900.00 / 101 days ago

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    Samantha Kanemy

    $1,000.00 / 102 days ago


  • 5034c7a220e21c4195876859c278a040? nophoto

    Samantha Kanemy

    $20.58 / 125 days ago

About Samantha’s Cause - Fighting Hunger

The last 4 months, I have been living in Honduras where I have been blessed to spend time at a local home for children, Association Hogar Nazareth (AHN). The mission of AHN is to provide three safe homes full of love and faith for the formation and healing of children who come from vulnerable situations as well as adults and children living with disabilities. AHN currently cares for about 85 children here in Comayagua, Honduras. 

During my time with AHN, I have witnessed the love of Christ in great ways. The local Franciscan Friars and their team of support spend countless hours every day making sure that each child is provided a safe home where they are free to be themselves and know that they are loved. Though the lived reality for these children is extremely difficult, I have witnessed the power of genuine love in bringing about healing and joy amidst these difficult circumstances. I believe in all the good work that Hogar Nazareth is doing in Honduras and I feel called to extend an invitation to you to join this mission of love in any way you can! 

The 2023 food budget at AHN has still not been met, but with your help I am confident that we can ensure that each child has enough food on their plate every day. In 2022, the cost for food was about 50,000 USD. With 85 children, this results in a cost of 0.54 USD per meal. Therefore, your contribution can be broken down as follows:

Donation of 500 USD / 0.54 USD = 925 meals 
Donation of 250 USD / 0.54 USD = 463 meals
Donation of 100 USD / 0.54 USD = 185 meals
Donation of 50 USD / 0.54 USD = 92 meals

Please consider joining us in this mission of love. All donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you. 

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